Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dossier Complete!

Big sigh of relief! We finished our homestudy and dossier in what feels like record time. Now it gets sent to the State Department and the Embassy in Ethiopia for authentication and translation. That usually takes a month or so. Then hopefully at that time our case is submitted to court. The wait for court will likely be around 4 months.

We also sent in our I-600A and hope to get a fingerprint appointment soon (although not too soon since we leave on vacation this Friday for almost two weeks). The I-171H cannot come fast enough since we are supposed to have it to be submitted to court.

One step closer to "M." Another huge lesson in patience....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Relevant Quote

I stole this quote from this blog.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plugging Away

...on all our adoption stuff. Never thought we'd be on this road again but couldn't be happier about it. We had our homestudy visit last week (as well as our 6-month post-placement) and have our dossier pretty well done. So once we receive the homestudy report, we'll send it off to get certified by the state, get everything notarized, and then our part is done!

One thing that's pretty funny is that we had to re-take our Hague online adoption courses. We went through the course, completed the evaluation, and sent it in to receive our certification. BUT, we got denied because the company said we didn't spend enough time on the courses. Sure, we went through it a bit fast, but can't say we learned too much that we didn't already know. So.....take 2, I mean 3!

A couple weeks ago, we decided to have Chinese food for dinner. We hadn't had it in a while and it was Etta's first taste of a fortune cookie. This was her fortune:

Good news will come to you from far away

This was right before we got the referral for her sister :-)