Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Reunion

As Etta says, "My Meskerem's home." Yes she is babe. It's difficult to put into words the last few days since Meskerem arrived home. We waited so long for this day. There were times when I wondered if it would really happen. Would we be able to reunite Meskerem with her younger sister. Would we really bring home the daughter we've been longing for since the day we saw her sweet face. Would we be able to show her that she has two brothers who adore her already even though they've not yet met her. Would we be able to show her that despite her heartache, she has a whole family waiting to love all over her.

We made it. Our wait is over. We are happy. She is happy. That's not to say there won't be challenges. But we are a family. Meskerem is home forever.


First time riding a tricycle..didn't take her long!
(*update...a couple hours after posting this she rode a bike!)

Driving the jeep.

Hanging with her siblings.

Eating ice cream for the first time...not a fan.

Brothers capitalizing that she's not a fan.

She decided to follow Dad's suggestion and smash it in their face! :-)
Loves the slip 'n slide. Loves water period.

These two have a bond that won't be broken.
We could not feel more blessed to be able to raise them together.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coming Home! Introducing...

Meet our daughter, Meskerem.

Her daddy is bringing her home as I type this. We are so happy. Those of you who know me know I'm not one to gush, but I'll say it - I love my husband so much. He's an amazing dad and amazing husband (how cool is it that your daughter is coming home on your wedding anniversary?).

It should be one great reunion with her sister. Our family is complete.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chatting with Sister

A lot of "I love you's" and "See you soon's" by all. Counting down the days...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cleared for Take-Off!

We're bringing M home!! We heard from the Embassy early this morning that we've been cleared to travel. Best news in the world. It looks like we should probably get an appointment date of August 1. This means we would be home with sweet M by August 4!

Pinch me.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Update - Still No Clearance

So our agency resubmitted the documents needing corrections but then we heard from the Embassy Friday a.m. that there was yet another document that needed a correction. I know our agency isn't known for paperwork errors and I understand mistakes happen, but I'm pretty frustrated they can't seem to get it right for our case and it is causing a big delay in us bringing M home. The Embassy confirmed that they are booked the rest of July so we are already to early August for an appointment date. And that's assuming we get clearance soon, which isn't a given.

A lot of big time stuff has been happening regarding an orphanage our agency partners with. Right now some families are having the legal status of their children questioned by the Ethiopian government. My heart aches for these families and children and I hope there are some truthful answers soon.

All this puts our wait into perspective. That said, until we have our daughter home, I will feel anxious about whether the current situation may potentially cause further delays in bringing M home. It's doubtful, but at this point anything is possible.

I pray she feels loved, and knows her family is coming for her soon. These 3 kiddos are wanting their sister home.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Embassy News - No Clearance Yet

So we did finally get news today but it's not the news we wanted to hear. The Embassy has requested corrections to a couple documents. Essentially, as I understand, some basic paperwork errors were made by our agency staff in Ethiopia. That is why we haven't been granted clearance. Argh!!!

We have not heard back yet on the timing for re-submitting these documents but it better be soon. Once they are re-submitted, we believe we should receive clearance fairly quickly. That said, due to the Embassy being short-staffed in July, it's possible we won't get an appointment date until August.

We are so disappointed since we think we'd already be traveling to bring her home if it weren't for the paperwork errors.

Hoping and praying for good news soon.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No News - But Pictures! travel clearance from the Embassy. Today marks 2 weeks since being submitted and I can't believe we haven't heard a thing. Most families receive clearance in under a week unless the Embassy is going to review/investigate your case further. If they decide to, they usually let families know that shortly after submission. We are just looking for answers. Unfortunately, even if we get clearance soon, we are likely looking at an appointment date in August due to the Embassy slowdown (under-staffing of Embassy personnel in July). That seems like an eternity to wait.

In the meantime, here's what keeps me smiling....