Friday, January 27, 2012

Brothers and Sisters

Meskie has been home 6 months now. To sum up how our family has adjusted? We feel so lucky. Lucky that Meskie has attached to us, is loving, kind-hearted, and has a personality that fits right in with her siblings. She has gone through so much in her short little life...and is one strong cookie. I find myself reflecting on the role her brothers and sister have played in how well she's adjusted. It's a huge part of why she's doing so well.

I wasn't concerned about Etta's adjustment to/with Meskie....she has the most easy-going personality of any child I know. Not to mention the connection the two of them had as sisters in Ethiopia. Clearly that bond never went away despite the 1 1/2 years they were separated.

But I wasn't entirely sure how the boys would adjust to their sister, an almost 5 year old who came home needing the majority of mom and dad's attention. If Etta was going to be any indicator, they would love with an open heart. And they did. They love their newest sister to pieces. I could not have asked for more when it comes to my boys opening their arms to Meskie. They are such awesome brothers to her. And I believe the love Meskie feels from Etta, Spencer and Blake is a huge part of the reason why her transition to this family has gone so amazingly well. I could not feel more grateful.

Lucky we are.
(this photo gives you a glimpse into Meskie's spirit :-)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Take My Picture Mom

At three years old, Etta seems a little too comfortable with having her picture taken if you ask me...:-)