Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One Year Ago - "She is Yours"

A year ago we were sitting in a small waiting room full of people, awaiting our turn to enter the office of the Ethiopian Judge. My stomach was in knots. We knew that only about 50% of cases were approved at the first court hearing. The Ethiopian government agency responsible for writing letters of approval to the Judge had reduced their caseload to only a handful of letters per week (mainly as a result of taking more time to scrutinize/review each case). Would the approval letter be there for the Judge to approve our case? Would we be the lucky ones? I did my best to think positively but prepared for the worst. I knew we would eventually pass court. But if we didn't pass on the first court date, it would mean the difference between bringing our daughter home within 2 months, or bringing her home 4-6 months later.

We had just returned to Addis Ababa from our long trip from Southern Ethiopia to meet Meskie. She was our daughter, regardless of what a Judge had to say. Leaving her was the hardest thing we ever had to do. She remembered her younger sister and she didn't understand why she couldn't come home with us. She already called us mama and papa. She was already so loving. She was ours. My heart hurt to leave her. We had no choice.

And so there we were, waiting for our name to be called, wondering if we would be overjoyed or overcome with sadness.

Overjoyed we were.

Pictures of our first meeting with Meskie.

We only got to spend a few hours together.
In that short time we learned just how playful, loving, fun and sweet our little Meskie was.


"She is Yours"


  1. So beautiful. How quickly the year has gone. Thank you for sharing these pictures! Love to you all.

    1. Thanks Beth! I know....time just is flying by too quickly these days. I love to see pics of your beautiful family....love to you.

  2. awww i love those first pictures....i love that rug:) I can't believe its been a year... yet at the same time it feels like our kids have been in our lives for so long. Time is such a weird thing. Congrats!!!

    1. I can't believe it's been a year either! Thanks...hope all is well with you guys...

  3. Such a wonderful post! Lovely pictures! Happy one year anniversary!

    Kathrin (Germany)